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June 8th, Thursday

8:00-8:45 Conference registration


Kurt Engemann, Vincent Calluzzo, Charles Cante, Giuseppe Zollo


Plenary Session - Prof. Ron Yager

"Decisions with Uncertain Information"


Working session 1 - Methodology (Chair: J.M. Merigó)

Linguistic Decent Work Indicators. M.J. Fernández

Bonferroni Distances with Hybrid Weighted Distance and Immediate Weighted Distance. F. Blanco, J.M. Merigó.

Prioritized induced probabilistic distances in transparency and access to information laws. E. Avilés, L.A. Pérez, E. León, J.M. Merigó.

OWA operators in the theory of expertons. S. Linares, J.C. Ferrer, D. Corominas, J.M. Merigó


11:00-11:15 Coffee break

Working session 2 - Management (Chair: K. Engemann)

Precautionary Principle and Attitudinal Decision Making. K.J. Engemann, H.E. Miller

Heavy Moving Average Distances in Sales Forecasting. E. León, E. Avilés, J.M. Merigó, A.M. Gil.

Promotion of Scientific production in business and management research in Chile: A bibliometric analysis. M. Etchebarne, C. Cancino, J.M. Merigó

12:30-13:30 Lunch

Working session 3 - Clustering and classification (Chair: A.F. Bariviera)

Fuga, a fuzzy greedy algorithm for redistricting in Mexico. S.G. de los Cobos, M.A. Gutiérrez, E.A. Rincón, R.A. Mora, P. Lara, A. Ponsich

Scatter Search for the soft graph coloring problem. H.E. Vásquez, P. Lara, S.G. de los Cobos, M.A. Gutiérrez, E.A. Rincón, R.A. Mora,  A. Ponsich

A Classifier system using soft graph coloring. J. Flores, P. Lara,  M.A. Gutiérrez, S.G. de los Cobos, E.A. Rincón, R.A. Mora,  A. Ponsich

Solution to classic coloring problems using soft graph coloring. D.E. Urueta, P. Lara, M.A. Gutiérrez, S.G. de los Cobos, E.A. Rincón, R.A. Mora, A. Ponsich

14:45 -15:00 Coffee break

Working session 4 - Finance (Chair: J.M. Brotons)

PSO-3P for the portfolio optimization problem. J.C.J. Velasco, S.G. de los Cobos-Silva, E.A. Rincon, M.A. Gutiérrez, R.A. Mora, A. Ponsich, P. Lara

Expert's opinion impact on financial risk management. M.T. Casparri, J.I. García, M.E. Masci.

Analysis of the long memory in the Mexican exchange market using a fuzzy Hurst exponent: intervention matters? K.A. Cortez, M.P. Rodríguez

Survival capacity of Spanish mutual funds. A. Terceño, L. Fabregat, M.T. Sorrosal, M.G. Barberà

An analysis of Bitcoin market using information theory quantifiers. A.F. Bariviera, O.A. Rosso

18:00-20:00 Social dinner

June 9th, Friday


Plenary session - Prof. Giuseppe Zollo

"Learning and Language in a Complex World: A Fuzzy Perspective"


Working session 5 - Corporate Finance (Chair: V. Georgescu)

A fuzzy model for the quantification of quality costs based on the aggregation of subjective information. J.M. Brotons, M.E. Sansalvador

A systematic overview of the prediction of business failure. V. Scherger, A. Terceño, H. P. Vigier.

Quality assessment of fuzzy classification: An application to solvency analysis.  F. Castiblanco, J. Montero, J. Tinguaro, D. Gómez.

An Insight into Financial Data Encompassing the Crisis Period, Based on Wavelet Analysis. V. Georgescu, G. Ioana.

Wavelet Analysis/Networks vs. Singular Spectrum Analysis: a Comparison when Denoising and Predicting Fuzzy Time Series. V. Georgescu

11:00-11:15 Coffee break

Working session 6 - Innovation and Bibliometric Analysis (Chair: R. Richardson)

Estimating the sales loss and recovery time - the Volkswagen Diesel Case. R. J. Richardson, H. Shin, O. Soluade.

An Automobile Safety Recall Index. R. J. Richardson

Do startups adopt ambidexterity strategy to innovate over time? A sf/QCA analysis. C. Ponsiglione, S. Primario, P. Rippa, G. Zollo

30 Years of the International Journal of Approximate Reasoning: Bibliometric Overview. J.M. Merigó, E. Herrera, M. J. Cobo, S. Laengle, M. Vera

12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:45 SIGEF Assembly


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