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Neural networks searching equilibrium for a dynamic economic model

B. I. Niel, A. B. Verdiell. Universidad Nacional del Sur (ARGENTINA)


This implementation searches the convergence properties of deterministic recurrent neural networks like those involving business competition, demand analysis, market equilibrium and distribution systems. These periodic dynamic models have stability proper-ties visualised by means of computational experiments and theoretical justifications.

This work consists of five basic sections, i.e., Section 1 gives a detail of the model and it is divided into two subsections, Subsection 1.1 contains the explanation of a simple economic model within equilibrium in networks and Subsection 1.2 describes the artificial neural network.

Section 2 consists in theoretical justifications with rhythmical visualisation of particular cases, that is developed in five sub-sections.

Section 3 makes evident the lack of perfect retrieval patterns.

Section 4 answers to the money lenders market equilibrium by means of this neuronal context and, finally,

Section 5 presents the conclusions.

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