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Study of a supply chain from a buyer/seller point of view: planning and application of an indicators model fuzzy logic-based

G. Bellandi, R. Dulmin, V. Mininno. University of Pisa


The criticality of the issues linked to the study of the relations with suppliers needs a true, as more as possible, analysis of the supply chain, which considers both the points of view in each interface relation.

This work suggests a model planned to measure the performances of a supply chain and it uses Fuzzy Logic to correlate not quantifiable aggregated variables to objective numerical data, which can be measured directly in the operative framework.

The parallel and integrated use of indicators of performance and of a quali/quantitative Fuzzy Logic-based evaluation of situations which otherwise would only be intuitable, and to study, at the same time, homogeneous issues of the same problem. It will be quick and easy to use as a management decision support system, thanks to the readiness of the linguistic variables and of its rules of control.

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