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Unpaid debt management in uncertainty

M. Casanovas Ramón, A. Fernández Pascual. Universitat de Barcelona


In any business sphere in which uncertainty is present use can be made of the theory of fuzzy sub-sets, expertons, algebra with intervals, etc. In this article we will be showing an application in uncertainty of Markov chains.

As pointed out by Kaufmann and Gil Aluja, it is not strictly correct to speak about Markov chains in the field of uncertainty, because these have their origin in the stochastic field. Nonethe-less, uncertainty and randomness allow for certain complementing with regard to techniques and procedures, there-fore there can be no problem whatsoever, for transforming the sto-chastic nature of Markov chains in a sphere of uncertainty in that the principal difference will be that the sum of the levels of supposition do not necessarily have to be the unit (Gil and Kaufmann, 1995, p. 169-261).

Keywords:unpaid debt management, Markov chains, Markov processes, Markov chains in uncertainty, expertons, fuzzy matrices.

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