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The political dynamics of the European Project

Maurice I. Yolles. Babes-Bolyai University


The formation of the European Project is a well established event on the inter-national political horizon. However, its enlargement accommodating additional member States has made it more com-plex, and fundamental questions about its future development have been rai-sed. The creation of an entry point for a European Variable Geometry (EVG) was intended to simplify the political processes of the Project. However, some have been concerned EVG will spell its demise. This paper is interes-ted in exploring the nature and political dynamics of the European Project. To do this it adopts as a frame of reference a paradigm called Knowledge Cyberne-tics (KC), and it uses the rise of the EVG as an examining trigger. The paper engages in theory building, requi-ring a development of the KC paradigm. It will show that the complexity of the Project can be reduced by exploring its cultural dynamics, and its interactive stability can be examined through joint alliance theory.



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