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Three flow-line systems with uncertain baulking

D. de la Fuente. Oviedo University

M.J. Pardo. Basque Country University


In this work we develop three flow-line systems with baulking in which we incorporate an uncertain distribution of baulking using Fuzzy Set Theory. For the study and analysis of the models, we take as a starting point the queuing model with baulking development by Saaty from the models of Homma and Finch. In order to verify the validity of the proposed methodology, we calculate the performance measures in three flow-line systems with baulking: the flow-line system with possibilistic distribution of baulking, the flow-line system with distribution of baulking based on triangular fuzzy number and the fuzzy flow-line system with possibilistic baulking and uncertain parameters. The proposed technique is suitable for the performance evaluation of flow-line systems with baulking where the accurate data are not available and need to be approximated by fuzzy values, and it provides engineers with more useful information about the possible system behaviour.



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