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July 10th, 2023

10:00 h. Welcome

10:30 – 11:30 h. Session 1: Management

Chair: Laura Fabregat Aibar

Fuzzy Entropy: An application to a model of fuzzy business diagnosis

H. Vigier; V. Scherger; A.  Terceño

A decision tree approach for predicting insolvency of SMES: an empirical research in Spain

A. Navarro-Galera; J. Lara-Rubio; P. Novoa-Hernández; C.A. Cruz Corona 

Prioritization of the values and future perspectives of tourists among generations regarding water conservation in hotels in the northern region of Quintana Roo, through Fuzzy Logic

M.S. Maciel Alvarado; J.M.  Brotons Martínez; R. Chávez Rivera

Fuzzy model for estimating the worsening of pathologies due to delays in treatment

J.M. Brotons Martínez; M.E. Sansalvador Sellés; J.F. González Carbonell

11:30 h. Coffee break

12:00 – 13:00 h. Session 2: Clustering and classification

Chair: Vasile Georgescu

Unsupervised classification model using environmental and financial performance attributes: case applied in latin american countries

M.P. Rodriguez García; P. Lara Velázquez.

A fuzzy-cluster analysis of financial ratios on the basis of compositional data theory

X. Molas Colomer; S. Linares Mustarós; J.C. Ferrer Comalat

Integrating fuzzy cognitive maps with statistical reasoning in explainable artificial intelligence

Vesa A.  Niskanen

The uncertainty of public policies for sustainability in companies with high electricity consumption: region III of Michoacan, México

R. Chavez Rivera; J.M. Brotons Martínez; M.B. Flores Romero; B. Naces Lara

13:00 – 14:00 h. Session 3: Modelling Techniques.

Chair: Martha del Pilar Rodríguez García

Capturing the Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on Energy Markets by Exploratory Data Analysis and Deep Learning-Based Prediction

M. Ioana; I. Andreea Gîfu; V. Georgescu

Topic Modelling in Tweets on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

I. A. Gîfu; M. Ioana; V. Georgescu

Enabling technologies for digitization in greenhouses. A case study

J.M. Cámara-Zapata; J. Ferrández

Simplifying lexicographic orders to rank fuzzy numbers

F. Salas-Molina; D. Pla-Santamaria; A. Garcia-Bernabeu; J. Reig-Mullor

14:00 h. Working lunch

18:30 h. Tour of the city (Tourist Info Elche – Plaça del Parc, 3)

21:00 h. Gala dinner (Els Capellans Restaurant – Huerto del Cura hotel)


July 11th, 2023

10:00 -11:00 h. Session 4: Corporate finance

Chair: Joan Carles Ferrer Comalat

Climate and Economic Policy Uncertainty in commodities: a wavelet approach

M. G. Barberá-Mariné; A. F Bariviera; L. Fabregat-Aibar; M.T Sorrosal-Forradellas

Fuzzy logic as an OECD threshold criterion for applying penalties to tax offenses: the case of Mexico

C. Guerrero Dávalos; M. H. Rodales Trujillo

Location of sustainable companies in certainty and uncertainty

F. González Santoyo; M. Flores Romero; R. Chávez Rivera

Assessing fear and greed of crypto investors’ sentiment on bitcoin mining energy consumption: a fuzzy regression analysis

K. A. Cortez Alejandro

11:00 h. Coffee break

11:30 – 12:30 h. Session 5: Finance

Chair: Hernán P. Vigier

Effect of economic policy uncertainty on income margin and market capitalization in Mexican banking: application of fuzzy logic method

J. A. Ruiz Valenciano; K. A. Cortez Alejandro

Bitcoin prediction analysis using random forest model and AI natural Lenguage

A. R Nava Solis; M. P. Rodriguez García

Fuzzy Jensen’s alpha analysis in Robo Advisors ESG Strategies

R. Caballero Fernández; A. F. Galindo Manrique; N. P. Rojas Vargas

A rating of investment funds with financial and extra-financial criteria using the Fuzzy TOPSIS methodology

M. G. Barberà Mariné; L. Fabregat-Aibar; M. T. Sorrosal-Forradellas; A. Terceño

13:00 h. SIGEF Assembly

14:00 h. Working lunch


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