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The most salient feature of the late 20th century is the scale of changes affecting social, economic and corporate life. Our environment is changing at a rate which would once have been unthinkable, and the speed of events has now become astonishing. The problems posed by these new situations are increasingly complex and changeable and traditional models based on determinism and chance are no longer able to cope with this reality, which is so theory of fuzzy subsets to corporate management problems which have now appeared suggest the need to bring together all those individuals, companies and institutions which, from an educational, research or professional point of view, wish to collaborate in the development and promotion of the new techniques arising from the advances which contemporary learning is making available to university staff and students as well as to executives.

With this end in view, the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR FUZZY-SET MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMY (SIGEF) has been set up to encourage research and study relating to all aspects of the economy in general, and corporate management in particular. In order to achieve this objective, we believe that it is essential to include all those involves in this area who are concerned for the future of our societies, be they lecturers, researchers or professionals, as well as organizations and institutions of all kinds. The founder-members of SIGEF wish to approach this task in a spirit of openness which welcomes different nationalities, so that an exchange of knowledge, progress or indeed opinions can take for the benefit of all.

SIGEF is an institutional member of the International Fuzzy Systems Association.

What does it offer?

The facilities which SIGEF make available to its members are many and varied. The most important is be the organization of meetings, conferences, talks and similar activities allowing members to air their concerns, and to present ideas and work in progress. The international journal of the Association, FUZZY ECONOMIC REVIEW, plays a leading role by bringing together the most important projects devised by specialist and offering them a fundamentally practical opening into the business world, in pursuit of university-business cooperation which is both necessary and beneficial to both sides.


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