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Evaluation of iris ratios using α-cuts

Luisa L. Lazzari, María José Fernández. Universidad de Buenos Aires


Among the elements that are used to make the economical-financial analysis of a firm, we can mention ratios, which offer a wide range of possibilities to determine the situation of the company in a particular moment, as well as its evolution in time, and its position com-pared with other firms.

Crisp ratios are not able to accurately explain the problems that insurance companies face because of the degree of uncertainty some of the estimations present and the lack of information.

In this paper we analyze IRIS ratios used for the elementary insurance and we propose the use of triangular fuzzy numbers for the treatment of the non-crisp ones.

Moreover, we set the criteria to compa-re fuzzy ratios so defined within the ran-ges considered acceptable in the in-ternational market, which allows to rank firms and form affinity groups.



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