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General Information

The University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH) is a Spanish public university with its central campus in Elche. Subjects in all areas of knowledge are taught, offering 26 degree courses, two double degree courses, 50 official masters and 13 doctorate programmes at its four campuses, situated in the north and south of the province of  Alicante, in Altea, Sant Joan d’Alacant, Elche and Orihuela.

The University Miguel Hernández has 7 faculties: Faculty of Fine Art, Faculty of Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Elche, Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Orihuela, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Medicine. There also two schools: the Polytechnic School of Elche and the Polytechnic School of Orihuela. It has 5 Research Institutes: Institute – Centre for Operational Research, Institute of Bioengineering, Institute of Research, Development and Innovation in Healthcare Biotechnology, Institute of Neurosciences, and López Piñero Interuniversity Institute for historical and social studies. 27 Departments and 13 Research Centres.

The UMH aims to serve society through higher education, research and the transfer of knowledge. For this purpose, it provides quality services to meet the expectations and demands of society. It is committed to providing a comprehensive, innovative and ethical education for its students, stimulating the professional development and entrepreneurship of the members of the university community.  As part of its mission, the UMH aims to actively collaborate in social, economic, cultural, and environmental development.

The UMH was founded in 1997 as an innovative public institution that would be able to respond to the challenges and demands of 21st century higher education.  At that time, its primary goal was to become a university renowned for its excellence in teaching, research, and administration. This has continued to be its goal throughout its short   but intense existence.

The university is determined to continue incorporating innovation and excellence in order to continue to forge ahead and maintain a position among the best universities. According to quality indicators, the University Miguel Hernández is one of the best Spanish Universities within the benchmark areas of innovation and technological development, environmental sustainability, teaching, and industrial innovation and infrastructures.

The UMH’s vision is to be a quality university of excellence, and internationally prestigious in the area of education, research, transfer of knowledge, administration, and its contribution to economic and sociocultural development through Sustainable Development. This is a socially responsible university founded on ethical values, and principles of budget efficiency. Through its connection with the area,  it promotes healthy lifestyles, respect for diversity, and environmental conservation.

The UMH is founded on a comprehensive and consensual project, which acknowledges the diversity and differences between campuses, areas of knowledge and the people that make up the university community.


Department of Economic and Financial Studies

The Department of Economic and Financial Studies comprises six areas of knowledge: Marketing and Market research, Finance and Tax Law, Applied Economics, Financial Economics and Accounting, Foundations of Economic Analysis, and Business Organization. Its main mission is to train professionals in these areas, and to also contribute to training professionals from other fields, such as Engineering or Statistics. To be exact, in the Department of Economic and Financial Studies a wide variety of degrees courses are taught. Some of these are: Business Administration and Management, Labour relations and Human Resources, and Political Sciences and Public Administration. This department is also involved in teaching on other courses such as different engineering degrees in the areas of industry and telecommunications. Several Masters are also taught: Accredited University Master’s in  Auditing, Accredited University Master’s in accounting and Finance, Accredited University Master’s in Business Administration and Management, Executive Master’s in International Business (MIBU), Business Management and Administration for Trading Companies, Business Internationalization. In addition, this department is involved in other university masters and different professional specialization courses. To complete the educational options available, this department offers a Doctorate Program in Marketing and Strategy Management for Businesses. This includes thesis and adequate research management linked to the research and development lines and projects of the department. In addition to these teaching and research activities, the teachers and researchers from the Department maintain an extensive relationship with companies and institutions.  These links open up collaboration and development in research as well as work experience for our students.
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