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ISSN (print) 1136-0593 · ISSN (online) 2445-4192

Volume X, Number 2. November 2005

Interval weights in AHP by Linear and quadratic programming

T. Entani. Kochi University

K. Sugihara. Fukui University of Technology

H. Tanaka. Hiroshima International University

Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is proposed to give priority weights with respect to many items. The priority weights are obtained from the com-parison matrix whose elements are given by a decision maker as crisp numbers. We assume that the item's weights are intervals, because a comparison matrix based on human…

Application of crisp and fuzzy goal programming models for optimization of cropping pattern in Haraz sub-basin in Iran

H. Asadpour. Research Center in Mazandaran Province

S. Khalilian. University of Tarbiat Modares

Gh.R. Peykani. University of Tehran

All of past mathematical programming methodologies are outcome of two and multi value logic. These methods want quan-titative crisp information. Human senses (linguistic variable) and vague information do not exist in past mathematical models. In the year 1965 professor Zadeh oriented theory of fuzzy sets. In its origin fuzzy theory…

RBF centers initialization using fuzzy clustering technique for function approximation problems

A. Guillén, I. Rojas, J. González, H. Pomares, L.J. Herrera. University of Granada

In this paper, a new algorithm for RBF centers initialization for functional approximation problems is proposed. The design of the algorithm is inspired in previous clustering algorithms but adding some features to adapt the algorithm to the characteristics of our problem. We compare the results provided by our new algorithm…

New product ideas screening decision with approximate evaluations: optimization approach

K. Smimou. University of Lethbridge

S.K. Bhatt. University of Manitoba

D.W. Dahl. University of British Columbia

Calantone, Di Benedetto and Schmidt (1999) presented an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) modeling approach to new product screening. The illustration of this approach is an example of a decision support model that seeks to aid managers in selecting new product ideas to pursue. In this paper we improve upon this…

A fuzzy characterization of uncertainty in financial crises

Jorge Pazzi. University Nacional del Sur

Fernando Tohmé. CONICET

The so-called first and second gene-ration models focus on fundamentals as the main cause of a crisis. During the 1990s many developing economies underwent structural reforms, which lead to an improvement of those fundamentals. Hence, at that time, the stability of the domestic financial systems seemed basically guaranteed. However, this…

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